John Hiatt vs. John Hiatt? – Ripped Off Riffs #4

A first for “Ripped Off Riffs” category: An artist is accused of ripping himself off? John Hiatt just released his brand new album Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns with a grungy new track called “Damn This Town.” With its minor chords, chopping guitar and biting lyrics it furthers Hiatt’s reputation as a down-and-dirty story-teller. Only […]

Killing Joke vs. Nirvana – Ripped Off Riffs #3

One of Nirvana’s huge hits from Nevermind, Come As You Are features a down-tuned riff that bears a heavy resemblance to Killing Joke’s song Eighties. Killing Joke never did the lawsuit thing over the song, but everyone pretty much knew it was the same riff. Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighter founder Dave Grohl actually played […]

Bands & Artists with Short but Important Careers

Bands & Artists with Short but Important Careers

It’s hard enough being in a band without having to deal with the added stress of expectations weighing down upon you. Throughout rock history, bands and artists have had to deal with various pressures: from themselves, fans, the media, the labels, everyone. Some handled it well, others didn’t. Too many bands and solo artists crumbled […]

The Chiffons vs. George Harrison – Ripped-Off Riffs #2

George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” may have been one of the most successful songs of his post-Beatles career, but it wasn’t entirely his song. The chord progression, background vocals and overall melody bore a striking resemblance to The Chiffons’ 1963 hit “He’s So Fine,” so much so that a judge found Harrison guilty of “subconsciously” […]

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