Sum 41 to Release 2007 ‘Underclass Hero’ LP on Vinyl for the First Time

Sum 41 to Release 2007 ‘Underclass Hero’ LP on Vinyl for the First Time

In 2007, Canadian punk/rock band Sum 41 released Underclass Hero, its fourth studio album and the first (at the time) without founding guitarist Dave Baksh.

After 13 years of fans singing along to Deryck Whibley’s cries against the political agenda, fans will finally be able to enjoy the album on vinyl. SRC Vinyl will be releasing the band’s fourth studio album on a special, limited-run pink and black vinyl on March 15. Pre-orders for the vinyl are up now at this link.

Underclass Hero was first released in July 2007 and was the first record the band put out as a trio. Additionally, the album was made after the band decided to take a more pop-punk approach to songwriting than the previous records, the heavier Chuck and Does This Look Infected?.

Underclass Hero featured more mature and personal songs; a first for the previously spunky, tongue-in-cheek band. Whibley’s lyrics through “Underclass Hero” and “March of the Dogs” speak to his rebellious views of society and politics.

While the record’s singles, such as “Walking Disaster” and “Dear Father,” find Whibley vulnerably singing about his family life, adding a whole new layer to the material.

“The only way to be completely original is to write about myself,” Whibley said about the album’s composition. “So I decided to look into my thoughts that I’d never even touched and came up with all of these topics that were very deep and personal.”

Writing the album took a while for the Sum 41 front man, with the final product resulting in a more personal and fully honest album — something he’d long sought. Drummer Steve Jocz recalls Whibley not being so open and honest with their music that the smart mature lyrics came to a surprise to him and Bass Guitarist, Jason “Cone” McCaslin.

The candid album did the band well, landing Sum 41 at number 7 on Billboard’s top album sales in 2007. Aside from politics and his family life, Whibley sings about love throughout the album, on songs such as “With Me” and “Best of Me”.

Underclass Hero showed growth in Sum 41, demonstrating to its fans that the group was more than just a playful, carefree typical rock band. Produced by Whibley himself, there’s no wonder why he considers Underclass Hero to be, “the most meaningful and important record we ever did.”

The vinyl will feature all original 14 songs and the bonus track, “Look At Me.” check out the track list below, and mark your calendars for the anticipated vinyl release.

“Underclass Hero”
“Walking Disaster”
“Speak of The Devil”
“Dear Father”
“Count Your Last Blessings”
“Ma Poubelle”
“March of the Dogs”
“The Jester”
“With Me”
“Pull the Curtain”
“King of the Contradiction”
“Best of Me”
“Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times”
“So Long Goodbye”
“Look at Me”

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