Out Now: The 50th Anniversary Edition of the Beatles’ ‘White Album’ (Listen)

Out Now: The 50th Anniversary Edition of the Beatles’ ‘White Album’ (Listen)

Giles Martin, son of the late Sir George Martin, sums up the Beatles‘ challenging 1968 opus The White Album as follows:

The beauty of The White Album is its flaws, and its anger, and the fact that you get punched in the face occasionally.

Martin was at the helm of the new 50th anniversary edition of the double-LP, which was released today and is available on all digital platforms. A true treat for dedicated fans of the Beatles, this White Album reissue features a bevy of additional material — including the long sought-after Esher demo recordings, as well as studio banter from Paul, George, John and Ringo that bring to light what the mood was like at Abbey Road Studios during the recording sessions.

The new 50th anniversary set is available in 3-CD2-LP and Super Deluxe box with 6 CDs, book and ephemera formats, sure to appeal to a wide array of Beatles fans.

And, as Martin told Rock Cellar’s Ken Sharp in our new feature interview, his aim for working on this project (as with most Beatles reissue packages he spends time on) was also to reach those who might not be as aware of the Beatles’ vast catalog of music as they ought to be:

My motivation is more for the generations that have never heard The Beatles. We live in a global jukebox with streaming where everything is out there and people may hear a take of “Sexy Sadie” that isn’t very good and go, “Well, The Beatles weren’t very good, were they?”

The 6-CD package, which comes in an oversized package attached to a densely illustrated and annotated book about the studio sessions and the album’s impact on the general music landscape, is a must-have for those interested in the full story of the album, which finds the Fab Four in a very unique place — but, also, not as quarreling as you might have thought, given the timing of the record and when they’d eventually part ways roughly two short years later.

I thought, “this is The White Album, I thought you hated each other?” But that was not the case. Listening back to these tapes I didn’t hear the fractiousness and tension you’ve all heard about, I didn’t hear the sound of a band breaking up.

Stream the deluxe White Album reissue below, via spotify or Apple Music:

And be sure to enjoy our detailed chat with Giles Martin at this link.

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