Recap: Mike Shinoda, Don Broco and Grandson at the Hollywood Palladium 11/2

Recap: Mike Shinoda, Don Broco and Grandson at the Hollywood Palladium 11/2

For much of the past year or so, Mike Shinoda has been exploring his own means of coping — specifically through Post Traumatic, the solo album the MC/producer put together in the time after his Linkin Park band mate Chester Bennington passed away in July 2017. Eventually, Shinoda began performing live again, on his own, playing this new material in addition to some Linkin Park favorites in concert. It was a brave step, considering the context and the fact that his fellow remaining Linkin Park band mates have yet to do so on their own (apart from appearing with him, which DJ Joe Hahn and bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell have).

Out on his Post Traumatic tour, Mike Shinoda returned to his home region of Los Angeles on Friday night for a stop at the Hollywood Palladium. Opening the night was the UK’s Don Broco, who are a difficult bunch to characterize. That’s a compliment, mind you, because their aggressive mash-up of styles is refreshing, and intriguingly hard to pin down.

Their songs, including many on their standout 2017 album Technology, weave together funky, groove-laden riffs with hard-rock precision and it all works very well. Live, even playing before a few thousand people (many of which probably weren’t too aware of who they were), Don Broco’s energy was well close to 100 percent, and you could sense them winning over the crowd in a big way.

The energy they brought to the show (and the cavernous Palladium) was relentless, and it was pretty apparent they’d earned some new fans throughout the course of their 30-minute set … and with good reason.

Next up was Grandson, the stage name of Canadian rapper/songwriter Jordan Benjamin. He turned up as a result of his friendship with Shinoda, with whom he appears on the Post Traumatic track “Running from My Shadow.” Grandson appeared with a backing band, which added some “thump” to his politically-charged anthems of empowerment and dissatisfaction with the status quo, something many can relate to these days.

After a brief delay between acts, a clearly energized Shinoda took the stage for his headlining set. Having spent years on stage with Linkin Park, he has a definite knack for commanding a crowd — which in this case was filled with emotion, given the circumstances of this particular tour, but also the resonance that many of his songs have with LP fans around the world. The honesty, the openness, and the candor expressed by Shinoda, not to mention the appreciation he has for the fact that fans even want to see him perform at the moment, was evident.

In terms of his set list, Shinoda tapped on everything fans could have wanted. There were classic Linkin Park songs, such as “In the End” (with the crowd singing Bennington’s parts):

Material from Shinoda’s early 2000s offshoot project Fort Minor, and a good amount of songs from Post Traumatic. In the encore, Grandson reappeared, joining Mike for “Running from My Shadow”:

The connection Shinoda has with his audience at this point is undeniable. Their emotional bond, both due to Linkin Park’s global success over the course of the past 18 years and the sudden, tragic loss of Bennington (which immediately threw the band’s very existence into question, understandably) pushes Shinoda’s current live show to a heightened level.

It has a feeling, a sensation, that you don’t find at most concerts anymore, as both artist and audience seek to find the catharsis and closure that they so desperately want. But it’s also a moment to celebrate, an opportunity to come together with a mutual interest and let it all out for an hour and a half. That’s a special thing, and it was palpable throughout the evening at the Palladium.

There’s still no telling what the future holds for Mike Shinoda and his Linkin Park band mates, and that’s fine. Where he is right now is important, no matter what happens later.

The remaining dates on Shinoda’s tour:

11/5 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues

11/6 – San Francisco, CA – The Masonic

11/8 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot

11/9 – Denver, CO – Fillmore

11/11 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues

11/14 – Boston, MA – House of Blues

11/16 – Detroit, MI – Fillmore

11/17 – Silver Spring, MD – Fillmore

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