Watch Anthony Vincent of ‘Ten Second Songs’ Perform Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in 42 Different Styles

Watch Anthony Vincent of ‘Ten Second Songs’ Perform Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in 42 Different Styles

Anthony Vincent struck internet gold with his Ten Second Songs series on YouTube, in which the musician/singer films himself performing various songs in a variety of different formats — often totally disparate styles blending together (think Metallica in the style of Frank Sinatra, for example) always with fascinating results.

One of the songs his online audience has always demanded was a take on Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and with the anticipated new Queen biopic coming out this Friday, Nov. 2, Vincent has just released his rendition of the song … performed in 42 different styles, ranging from Sinatra and Sam Cooke to Daft Punk and many more. The surprise element of which artists he mimics is a big part of the fun of the videos, so just watch:

Vincent was also kind enough to speak with Rock Cellar at the winter NAMM Show in Anaheim last January, where he shed some light about his Ten Second Songs series:

“It was a few years ago. Long story short, it all kinda happened by accident. I was looking to get into custom songs and songs for placement in TV/movies, jingles, all that. So I started a small business on a whim on, where a lot of freelancers go to sell their services for five bucks. I came up with the name Ten Second Songs, selling songs ten seconds in length for five dollars in any style you wanted.

It was a gag, a fun thing, but it really caught on and made me think that I could actually take this to the next level. So one big way I attempted to promote it was I took a pop song and performing it in twenty different styles, to showcase what I could do as a portfolio of my skills, basically. It ended up being something that just blew up on the internet.

It went viral, it gave me a big audience seemingly overnight. I was a nobody on the internet and I put out a video that got five million views in a week and a hundred thousand subscribers from zero. In eight months, I broke the million subscriber milestone, which was insane.

Now it’s a thing where it’s entertainment, it’s fun for me because I don’t practice these voices. If I choose that I want to do a song in the style of an artist, it’s usually because fans are suggesting that I do that. So it’s almost a challenge.”

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