Stream Ann Wilson’s Reverent New Tribute Album, ‘Immortal’ — New Music Friday

Stream Ann Wilson’s Reverent New Tribute Album, ‘Immortal’ — New Music Friday

Music holds a special place in the hearts of those who enjoy it — and for those who establish an emotional connection with their favorite artists’ work, this can take on layers of depth and personal meaning. When these artists pass away, then, it can feel as though you’ve lost a close friend. Ann Wilson understands this, and on Friday the longtime Heart vocalist released Immortal, a collection of songs that serves as a warm remembrance to some of her personal colleagues, friends and musical heroes that have passed on. Click here to pick up a copy.

On the album, Ann Wilson re-imagines songs made popular by acts including Chris Cornell/Audioslave (“I Am the Highway”), Tom Petty (“Luna”), Leonard Cohen (“A Thousand Kisses Deep”), Amy Winehouse (“Back to Black”) and more. As she told Rock Cellar’s Ken Sharp in a new interview about Immortal:

“There were so many people within a short period that decided this was the time to lift off (laughs).  Thinking about the time that (Linkin Park vocalist) Chester Bennington jumped, I thought, “God, I’ve got to do something about that.”

With so many artists dying, this is an amazing group departure, at least that’s how it seemed to me. The album was done to honor them as a group. I don’t really see any value just sitting around mourning the souls that have moved on because they’re on to the next thing, but the music is valuable, the messages are valuable and I think they’re almost like an oral tradition.”

Stream Immortal below, via Spotify or Apple Music:

And be sure to read our new chat with Wilson about the album and her recent activities.

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