Stream Toto’s Cover of Weezer’s 2001 Hit ‘Hash Pipe’

Stream Toto’s Cover of Weezer’s 2001 Hit ‘Hash Pipe’

The cross-generational back-and-forth between Weezer and Toto over the past few weeks has been a lot of fun. First, Weezer appeased the internet’s demands by covering Toto’s classic hit “Africa” — and “Rosanna,” too — much to the delight of everybody, including Steve Lukather.

Things ramped up when Toto tried their hand at “Hash Pipe,” Weezer’s hit from the Green Album — and now, a studio version of their cover is available for enjoying as well, complete with the heavy riffs and a delicious keyboard breakdown:

Said Lukather on his band returning the favor to Rivers Cuomo and his alt/rock colleagues:

“We were blown away at the response Weezer got doing our old songs.  They did a good job too, but we never saw hit records coming from it.  It was all started by a sweet 15-year-old girl named Mary. Then the ball started rolling.  They did two of ours and ‘Africa’ took OFF.  It seemed only right that WE – Toto did a version of one of their songs so we started digging around, listening to a bunch of their music, which I have grown to like a lot. My 30 something kids were flipped over Weezer recording two of our songs as they are fans and we picked ‘Hash Pipe’. The irony that we were smoking hash before these guys were alive was not lost on us, and the other is it has a killer melody and a great groove.  We wanted to do something that rocked. We give you our version – with a little of our thing on it like they did their ‘ thing’ to ours. It is an unlikely collaboration, but some of the best ones are unexpected.”

For comparison’s sake:

We have to also point out that a few days ago at Weezer’s gig at the Forum in Los Angeles, “Weird Al” Yankovic showed up to assist on “Africa” with an accordion solo for the ages:

All of this is just excellent. Great work all around, everybody!

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