King Crimson: ‘Meltdown In Mexico – Live In Mexico City 2017’ with 3+ Hours of Music Coming Soon

King Crimson: ‘Meltdown In Mexico – Live In Mexico City 2017’ with 3+ Hours of Music Coming Soon

The legendary King Crimson puts on a live show that has to be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. And while the ideal way to experience the ensemble’s music is live and in-person, the next-best thing would be a live recording.

As part of the band’s 2017 touring schedule, Crimson staged five epic concerts in Mexico City, and on September 28, 2018, a special 3-CD/Blu-ray set titled Meltdown in Mexico: Live in Mexico City 2017 will be released from a five-night stint.

The specs:

Meltdown in Mexico includes, for the first time with this line-up, audio recordings of “Breathless,” “Discipline,” “Moonchild” and Tony and Jeremy’s nightly Cadenza improvs. Mixed by King Crimson member Bill Rieflin from full multi track recordings.


King Crimson is a band that continues to defy conventional expectations. As listeners to last year’s rush-released official bootleg from June 2017 recorded in Chicago discovered, this band gets better by the year. Given the amount of rehearsals, practicing, constantly expanding repertoire base (nearly six hours’ worth of material ready to select from on any given night), wealth of experience among musicians, technicians/sound crew, more comfortable traveling arrangements, better PA systems/mixing desks & the fact that the band is playing, for the most part, in purpose built theatres rather than the more imaginatively named but sonically challenged venues that hosted rock gigs in previous decades, this should come as no surprise. But it does. Perhaps it’s still part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll myth – the “hope I die before I get old” thought process that seems forever associated with rock music that’s proved so difficult to alter. Whatever the reason, the concept of a band maturing, re-inventing itself and being able to present music from a lengthy history in recognizable but ever-changing ways, still with same sense of wonder as if it were newly-written, remains, if not unique, certainly notable.

A few weeks after the Chicago concert, the first part of 2017’s tour reached its final destination – five nights of concerts in Mexico City. All of the concerts were recorded and filmed with a view to issuing a definitive document of Crimson live in 2017 and Meltdown is the result of that process. With over two hours of HD filmed performance and three hours of audio, Meltdown offers a comprehensive overview of a band at the very peak of its performing ability.

Pre-orders for the live set are up now at this link.

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