Buzz: Ray Davies Says the Kinks Are Getting Back Together (Maybe)

Buzz: Ray Davies Says the Kinks Are Getting Back Together (Maybe)

In a bit of news that’s sure to delight and surprise many, the Kinks may very well be getting back together.

Vocalist/guitarist Ray Davies dropped the potential news in a chat with the BBC, hinting that he was due to get into the studio with brother Dave Davies and drummer Mick Avory. Reunion talk is a big deal, considering the lengths he and Dave have gone to dismiss the idea in recent years.

“We’ve been talking about it,” Ray Davies said (as quoted in Variety), “because I’ve got all these songs that I wrote, then the band — not broke up, we parted company — and I think it’s kind of an appropriate time to do it.”

Davies also mentioned that should this happen, it wouldn’t be anything major or in line with the massive gigs the Rolling Stones play around the world. Rather, he says, “The Kinks will probably play in the local bar.”


Dave Davies has commented on the rumors with a Facebook post:

While we wait to see if this develops into anything concrete, Davies will, in fact, release his own new album, Americana: Act II, this Friday.

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