Happy 76th Birthday to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys

Happy 76th Birthday to Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys

Brian Wilson‘s accomplishments with the Beach Boys cannot be understated — they’re some of the most timeless and celebrated compositions ever written and recorded, their influence as far-reaching as any musical group in history.

Today, Wilson celebrates his 76th birthday, and we at Rock Cellar would like to wish him a very happy and healthy one, hopefully spent in the company of family and loved ones, as he did for Father’s Day on Sunday:

Brian and his band have been out on the road touring in support of the 50th anniversary of the landmark album Pet Sounds, though some shows were postponed back in May as Wilson underwent back surgery.

Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine of the Beach Boys – Interview (Pt. 1)

As far as legends go, Brian Wilson remains one of the most enduring and important to music’s development over the years — so thank you, Brian, for all you’ve done.

Happy birthday!


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