Happy 76th Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney!

Happy 76th Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney!

Back in 1967, the Beatles wondered what life would be like “When I’m 64” — and now, that once-distant birthday is a dozen years in the past for Sir Paul McCartney, who celebrates his 76th birthday today (Monday).

We don’t need to lay out the reasons why the man affectionately referred to as “Macca” by fans around the world is considered one of the greatest songwriters in history (as part of one of, if not the greatest, musical act ever assembled).

He’s of a special kind of musician, and after the Beatles went their separate ways he forged ahead with a still-active solo career that’s even mastered buzz in today’s convoluted and difficult to navigate internet culture — just look at his recent social media posts for proof.

McCartney and his band are still quite active on the touring circuit, playing epic two and three-hour concerts each night with set lists of classic songs, fireworks, and more. They’re tireless — and he’s the ringleader, delivering hit after hit to the assembled masses.

It seems that Macca is on the verge of releasing a new album, as they premiered a new song last week and are on that aforementioned social media tease campaign.

Whatever’s coming, we’ll be ready — so thanks in advance, Sir Paul, and happy 76th birthday!


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