Recap: The Longshot (ft. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day) at the Hi-Hat in Los Angeles

Recap: The Longshot (ft. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day) at the Hi-Hat in Los Angeles

Most globe-trotting superstar rock and roll icons take time off to spend away from the rigors of road life after a big tour emphasis on “most.” This rule does not apply to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and now the Longshot, who has proven over the years that he’s not content to just hang out at home after the latest Green Day promo cycle.

Armstrong recently released a full-length album under the name The Longshot, and it’s believed he plays every instrument on the album too. In addition to that surprise development that materialized over the course of a few weeks thanks to some heavy social media activity, he took the project on the road with some backing musicians from the Los Angeles band Prima Donna.

This mini-tour rolled back into LA on Monday night at the Hi-Hat, a very small (read: approximately 300 capacity) bar/pool hall that made for an exceedingly intimate evening. Opening the show were the Trashbags and Frankie and the Studs, who definitely raised some eyebrows with their down n’ dirty blend of glam rock and punk-inspired anthems.

They even covered the glam classic “Hot Child and the City” for good measure:

As for the Longshot’s set, well … anybody who’s seen a Green Day show knows Billie Joe is a showman, playing well into the two and three-hour mark with his main band on a regular basis.

The appeal of these shows for fans is obvious — getting so up close and personal with Armstrong, who ordinarly plays massive stadiums and outdoor venues with Green Day:

The Longshot played for more than an hour, touching on almost every song off the Love is For Losers album and adding in some fun covers, like this one of the Ramones classic “Rockaway Beach”:

As well as “Ziggy Stardust,” a David Bowie gem tossed into the encore:

In addition to the Longshot songs and two Green Day selections (“Stay the Night” and “Fell For You”), the band covered the Replacements’ “Bastards of Young,” Generation X’s “Kiss Me Deadly,” “As Tears Go By” by the Rolling Stones, The Nerves’ “Walking Out on Love,” and The Crickets’ “I Fought the Law,” a song that’s often been covered by Green Day in the past as well.

In all, this was a real treat for everybody in attendance, as will each show on the tour until it comes to an end. And after that? Maybe it’s time for more Green Day, or maybe it isn’t. Maybe Armstrong will have another new project.

Part of the fun of how he does things is you never quite know what’s next.

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  1. Bobby C.   May 8, 2018 at 11:21 am

    Thanks for using my IG post. I gotta say, I really liked the Trashbags. They really channeled their New York grit, evoking visions of what it must have been like at CBGBs in the early 80s; lead singer Chuck Bones donning his Johnny Rotten leather with, what the heck was that? Leopard print pirate shirt? Garbage rock at its primordial essence, although one feels that they band is an addiction or two away from legendary club status.

    Wasn’t so crazy about the second band. What was their name? They were too rehearsed, so rehearsed in fact that they lacked the spontaneity and freshness that small club acts should manifest. They didn’t even break a sweat during their set. Imagine The Clash not breaking a sweat during their club days?

    Expect to hear more from Trash Bags …


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