Exclusive RockCellarTV Chat with Dewey Bunnell of the Band America

Exclusive RockCellarTV Chat with Dewey Bunnell of the Band America

The music of America remains timeless. Dewey Bunnell, Gerry Beckley and Dan Peek accomplished quite a lot after forming in England in 1970, with songs including “Horse With No Name,” “I Need You” and “Ventura Highway” earning stake as classics of the genre for years to come.

In November, the band released Heritage: Home Recordings/Demos 1970-1973, a collection of rare and otherwise unreleased early recordings of various songs and compositions.

Recently, Bunnell was kind enough to pay us a visit for a new installment of our RockCellarTV interview series — and for 45 minutes, he discussed the band’s formation, memories of the late Dan Peek, told amusing anecdotes from years on the road and much more.

It was truly a gift to spend an hour with him, and you may now do the same below.

Hackett joins the ranks of those we’ve spoken with in this capacity over the past few months, a list that includes John OatesRick SpringfieldGene Simmons of KISSSteve Lukather of TotoMike Love of the Beach BoysTodd RundgrenRingo Starr and more.

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3 Responses to "Exclusive RockCellarTV Chat with Dewey Bunnell of the Band America"

  1. Jim   April 21, 2018 at 11:46 am

    One of my favorite groups from that era — I saw America as a trio and America as a duo, as well as Dan Peek as a solo artist — I did a small favor for Dan once by lending him an amplifier of mine, and after he finished the gig, he asked me what I owed him, so I told him “nothing”, but if he had a moment I’d like to hear about what it was like working with George Martin — He lit up at that question, even as his handlers scowled in the background, and proceeded to tell me that , as kids at the time, it was “like working with the King of England” — And that “they’d come in with 3 chords and he’d turn it into a hit” — The first two Martin produced records still hold up today, mainly “Holiday”, and “Hearts”, and the records before the Martin era, also hold up today, with the exception of course, of “Hat Trick” which only spewed off the single of their cover of “Musk Rat Love” — At any rate, the group did us a dis-service by not allowing at least one more reunion of the original trio before Dan’s premature passing, particularly when Dan always voiced being open to the possibility and the major labels offered them contracts contingent on Dan rejoining the group. — Despite having a big hit post Dan Peek, I never felt it was “America” without him.

  2. jack   April 24, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    great interview..saw america at casino rama twice and at the rouyn quebec guitar festival..got to shake deweys hand at rama and gerrys hand in rouyn…great band and great songs..we all miss woodzy..m

  3. Dennis K Fendler   April 24, 2018 at 11:06 pm

    Gotta agree with fan Jim about the group-one of his favorites-In my case they were collectively, my favorite then and now….I have experienced a comfort zone through their music… their contribution to the era then as well as new forays in today’s musical landscape-and the artists, like Ryan Adams and James Iha who were clearly motivated and or moved by the ‘America'[ Sound and Voice delivery within the songs that each of them provided in their song writing- Dewey…lush and mystical, Gerry and his passion for the Beach Boys’s strong weaving of voices with teen age angst and coming of age…and Dan with a folky and sentimental midwestern tone-which together created the comfort zone that stayed with me all these years…I don’t believe that I would have been feeling as content as I do when I see them perform or just turn their music on if I hadn’t paid attention to how that same music contributed to how I would grow from being a typical military brat to who I am today…It means the world to me to have embraced all that made them grow, too…I am enriched…The Beatles were also important in the time that formed my musical tastes, but ‘America’…the Band, and ‘America’…the three members that also lived as military brats, and how they developed their lives intertwined with the music they made, hit home as my military family and I developed over the decades…Thank you guys, for giving me the joy of that comfort zone and giving all of us the journey which became your gift of many memorable moments…This includes all the people who helped you along the way and the true fans… Those fans all feel that comfort zone back at the start and if they are just gracefully growing old or have just reach Medicare age (LOL-just a little younger than you guys- I graduated high school in 72 went on to college and had gotten the first album, with the second one happening quick…) Keep Livin and Playin Dewey & Gerry…


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