Introducing New Law, a Trio of Canadian Brothers Whose Message is in the Music

Introducing New Law, a Trio of Canadian Brothers Whose Message is in the Music

There’s something about harmony groups with siblings that have always touched a nerve with me. From the Everly Brothers and the Beach Boys, to the Bee Gees, the Jacksons, Hanson and Haim, siblings seem to have the connective DNA that allows the music to come through in a way that’s different from other bands. There’s an undeniable cohesive vocal blend with siblings.

Which brings me to three brothers from Calgary who go by the name, New Law. Cayd (20), Ty (18) and Dayne (15) Greiner grew up with music all around them, and their interest in writing their own songs gained momentum while they were attending Calgary’s KLM Rock School in 2010. Their passion also became an outlet to send a message.

At the start, the brothers introduced their songs to audiences through house concerts, coffee-house performances and small venues around the city. In 2015, they took a major step forward by releasing their first CD under the name New Law, the four-song, Show You There’s Hope. The band name, by the way, is an amalgamation of parts of the boys’ middle names.

Show You There’s Hope turned out to be a musical tease: it showed the brothers had a keen ear for developing melodic songs while underlying their deep spiritual roots. As Cayd explained, “We write about life, and faith is a huge part of our family, something that our parents taught us.” He added, “It comes out naturally in a lot of our songs, and is part of our lives and journey.” Show You There’s Hope also showcased the Greiner’s beautiful sibling vocal blend, and gave indication that there was musical growth not far ahead.

This past summer, July 2017, New Law released their second album, a six-song EP You + Me. With the assistance of some top Calgary talent including guitarists Russ Broom and Matt Mckay and producer Mike Little, the band has taken huge steps forward both musically and lyrically.

The songs are sung beautifully, and the instrumentation provide just the perfect balance, not offsetting the messages in the music. Cayd explained, “I think with this album, we’ve grown as musicians, and we’ve learned to advance our skills.”

You + Me also follows the tone set by Show You There’s Hope with its own prevalent, positive themes. Songs such as “Loved for Being You,” “Bring on the Rain,” and the anthemic title track all show that strong messages can be told in a way that they are not scolding or patronizing. “Music can change people,” said Cayd, “we believe it can transform lives, and we want to share this in our songs.”

At this point, still early in their music career, New Law are taking slow steps, hopeful of fulfilling their musical goals. With all three boys, still in school (two in University), there is only so much time that they can spend on music. Cayd explained, “We have been blessed not only to be able to play as brothers, but to walk through the doors that have opened for us. If those doors continue to open, we’ll see where the roads take us.”

Most fans of Christian music know that there are many artists who are providing uplifting messages. New Law fits quite comfortably within that genre. However, step outside that box and there aren’t as many bands that can fill you with the same positive vibe. Maybe it’s just a reflection of the things that are happening in and around our world. Music for many of us is a strength and a source of joy. New Law are proving their music can hit all the right notes, touch many lives, and reach over boundaries and walls and offer hope.

Both Show You There’s Hope and You + Me are available via New Law’s website.

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