Turn Me On: Juliet Piper

Turn Me On: Juliet Piper

88.5 FM KCSN midday host Jim Nelson turns his attention to LA-based singer/songwriter Juliet Piper in this Turn Me On….

“I remember sitting in a car seat, honestly, around the holidays,” recalls Juliet Piper of her first songwriting experience. “My dad and I wrote a song together about Christmas trees as we drove past everyone’s lit-up, decorated houses.”

Piper no longer does her songwriting from a car seat, but even though she’s just in her mid-20s it’s informative to know that she’s been writing for roughly 20 years already. And that experience has helped her write songs that belie her youth. Take “We Loved,” for instance; issued on her Poetry with Hands & Feet EP in 2011, “We Loved” was written when Piper was just 19. With lyrics like “It didn’t work out, but we did not fail/’Cause we loved, we loved, we loved/And at the end of the day, when there’s nothing left to say/that’s enough” heralding refreshing and inspiring insight from one so young, buoyed by a lighthearted, almost-cheerful ukulele-centric arrangement, Piper announced with aplomb her arrival on the Los Angeles scene.

“‘We Loved’ practically wrote itself in under 20 minutes,” Piper remembers. “I was writing it about acceptance of a relationship ending, but now I see that it can be applied to almost everything in life that doesn’t pan out the way you want it to.”

This daughter of a professional rock musician and music industry photographer has recorded four other EPs, and in 2016 she released a pair of stand-alone singles, “Inevitable” and “Lion’s Den.” Where her music was once predicated on one of three instruments that she plays — guitar, piano, uke — these two new singles have ushered in a more ethereal, synth-pop direction. “I was so comfortable in folk, but inside I was aching to grow and evolve and create a sound that was as dreamy and magical as possible. I love pop music, and it’s been amazing kind of carving out my own place in it, while bringing in lyrics that are still poetic and powerful. Not sacrificing any of the art.”



Official site: http://julietpipermusic.com/

Listen: http://julietpipermusic.com/music/

Video: ­­­­­­­­­­ http://julietpipermusic.com/videos/

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