Lollapalooza Expanding to Four-Day Festival in 2016 for 25th Anniversary

Lollapalooza Expanding to Four-Day Festival in 2016 for 25th Anniversary


Some say the music festival culture is too saturated these days, with more and more fests popping up around the globe. Chicago’s Lollapalooza, though, isn’t in danger of being shut down anytime soon.

Rather, it’s getting even BIGGER this year, per reports. Apparently, Lolla will expand to a four-day fest in 2016. Set to take place at Grant Park, next year’s festival will take place on July 28-31. It will mark the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza, which had its inaugural installment back in 1991.

Red Eye Chicago mentions that ticket prices for festivalgoers will increase from $275 for a three-day pas sin 2015 to $335 in 2016. That’s still less expensive than a three-day pass to the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, by the way.

In recent years, Lollapalooza had risen in popularity enough to warrant sell-outs before the lineups were even announced…which is probably a factor in the decision to expand into something bigger.

More from Red Eye Chicago, putting this decision in context:

Charlie Jones, co-owner of C3 Presents in Austin, said he has not had discussions with the city about putting the four-day format in place beyond 2016. C3 has a lease with the city for the festival through 2021. He said the change was prompted by two factors: the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza’s 1991 origin and a glut of bands that want to play the festival next year.

C3 booking agent Huston Powell said he has received 1,500 submissions from “credible” bands or artists requesting to play the festival next year, up 50 percent from previous years. With a three-day festival, “we would have had to say no to a lot of bands we wanted,” Powell said.

Lollapalooza’s huge lineup for 2016 is expected to be announced shortly after the near year arrives.

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