KISS Lyric Quiz

KISS Lyric Quiz

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New month, new issue, new lyric quiz. How well do you know lyrics by the group KISS???????????

Below, sift through some lyric snippets and see if you can figure out what 10 songs they’re from – and send your answers to us here:

  1. I’ll be a gambler, baby , lay down the bet..
  2. Before I had a baby I didn’t care anyway.
  3. Your day is sorrow and madness, got you under their thumb.
  4. Everybody says she’s lookin’ good, and the lady knows it’s understood.
  5. It ain’t a crime to be good to yourself
  6. Here I am, again in this city, with a fistful of dollars
  7. You show us everything you’ve got baby, baby that’s quite a lot
  8. There’s no denying when I look in your eyes, girl I’m out of my head over you
  9. They try to tell us we don’t belong, that’s alright, we’re millions strong
  10. And she’ll thrill you and she’ll chill you but you’re headed for commotion

And some festive musical accompaniment:

Rock and Roll All Nite


I Was Made For Lovin You

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