A Few Questions With…Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia

A Few Questions With…Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia

burleigh drummond editBurleigh Drummond has been a member of the Southern California band Ambrosia since its formation – he’s one of the group’s founding members, after all.

The band picked up five Top 40 hits in the time span between 1975-1980, with songs such as Holdin’ On to Yesterday and Nice, Nice, Very Nice achieving widespread success.

Drummond took a few minutes out of his day to answer some of our most burning questions.

Enjoy the quick Q&A below.

Warm-Up Question: Tell us something about yourself/your career that’s really, really good – maybe something nobody knows. 

Burleigh Drummond: Every year I feel like I’m just starting to figure out how to plays drums

Q: Describe your very first concert experience.

Burleigh Drummond: Cream at the Santa Monica Civic with Steppenwolf opening. I was the ultimate Cream fan, putting two drumsets together to look like Ginger. Steppenwolf was great, really great. I settled in waiting for Cream with my big popcorn and my large coke.

The curtain parted and a dark blue light hung on the stage as they began Tales of Brave Ulysses “You thought the Latin winter…….” And the Ginger hit that rimshot into the guitar riff and a bright white flooded the stage and I jumped up and showered the four rows in front of me with my drink and popcorn.

Q: Chances are, you’ve heard a fan yell something to you while on stage at a concert. Any particularly memorable stories of that, and what did the fan say?

Burleigh Drummond: I once had a very attractive woman yell at me that she wanted to have my baby.

I had trouble concentrating the rest of the show.

Q: What was the very first car you ever drove?

Burleigh Drummond: 1960 VW Burgundy Van with a bed in the back and tinted Church windows.

Q: What’s your favorite charity?

Burleigh Drummond: Lily of The Fields, Mopela-South Africa: Battered Women

Q: Describe the best day of your life.

Burleigh Drummond: Took me a few years to realize it but it was the day I met my wife.

Q: What song written by someone else do you wish YOU had written? 

Burleigh Drummond: My Back Pages.

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