Musicians and Their Dogs (Photos)

Musicians and Their Dogs (Photos)

They’re as important as our own children. Or more so.

Rock musicians are no exception – some of the biggest names in music history owned canine companions, and were often photographed with them for magazine spreads, in candid photos or just for their private collections.

Whether you’re a “dog person” or a “cat person”, there’s no denying the warmth of a picture of a smiling human and his or her faithful mutt – be they dolled up in fancy pet clothes or haggard and dirty, fresh off an afternoon rolling around in the backyard mud pit.

Here are some of RCM’s favorite pictures of prominent musicians and their dogs.

Keith Richards

keith richards dog

Neil Young

Photo: Henry Diltz
Photo: Henry Diltz

Linda Ronstadt

linda ronstadt dog

Keith Moon

keith moon dog

John Lennon

john lennon dog

Kris Kristofferson

kris kristofferson dog

And, finally, the Beatles (and Martha!)

beatles dogs

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